Monday, January 27, 2014

Watch Those Receipts!

When I was shopping at Target the other day, I picked up a black cami/tank top for the Princess. She needed a new one, and it was marked down 30%  so I added it to my cart. I had picked up quite a few other things and my total at checkout was just about what I thought it be, but nevertheless, I quickly scanned the receipt out of habit before I left the store.

While scanning, I noticed that the tank top had rung up as $9 instead of the $6.30 that was on the tag. I dug through my bags to be sure I hadn't gotten one that had NOT been marked down by mistake. Nope, there was the bright orange clearance sticker. So I took the tank and my very full cart over to Customer Service to get the price adjusted.

Yeah, it was only $2.70, and yeah, every single thing in my cart was either clearanced or sale with coupons or both, but in my world, $2.70 is $2.70 and it was worth the hassle of standing in line and getting my $2.70 back. The lady in Customer Service was as friendly and nice as she could be and handled my issue as quickly as possible and I was on my way.

Don't ever be worried about causing "a problem" when something doesn't ring up right. Yes, it can be a pain sometimes, but mistakes happen and as long as you are nice, 99% of the time, Customer Service will be, too. It is YOUR money and you worked hard for it.


  1. Amen for that... I don't shop often, but I've found SO many mistakes in my receipts (grocery store is a big one), so I make a point to quickly scan the receipt before going out. I've gone back to the store next day when they shorted me $2 for some salad dressings. I think I stopped being embarrassed of asking for such a small amount back after I totaled and saw that I had recovered over $27 in just 4 months' worth of shopping, due to mistakes in my receipt or misapplication of coupons.

    Likewise, I'm shopping a lot less at a particular Acme store here in town, because the lady always has an attitude. She was the primary person I had to deal with at the beginning, so she knows that if I am going to the CS desk, it's because someone made a mistake on my receipt. However, sometimes they have a young manager there, and he's the nicest and easiest person to deal with.

  2. I always watch the prices, they are often wrong. At our grocer store if the price is wrong you get the item free. I don't think that is fair to them but it is their policy.

  3. We were in the same boat! I posted about the same thing today. Sad that we have to be so vigilant just to make sure we're paying what we are supposed to be paying.

  4. I've been known to go back for .75. Good for you for taking card of it.