Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dinner Is Served

Goodness, I really love Pinterest. I am such a dork, but really I do. I can spend hours browsing the recipes. Sighing over fabulously decorated homes --- wishing I had the talent and confidence to attempt some of the DIY projects (because I do NOT have the budget for a high end kitchen remodel or to turn my teensy bathroom into a luxurious spa!) But I CAN tackle some of the recipes! And I have SO much fun trying them out. I've also created a separate board where I put the recipes I've tried and really liked so I don't have to sort through hundreds to find "the one".

After a couple days on the couch, I've pinned a LOT of recipes this week. I've gotten to where I try not to pin stuff with a lot of specialty ingredients -- because I'll never get around to making it. So, today, I decided to make a chicken that was titled OMG Chicken. While OMG might be a bit of an exaggeration --- it was really good -- and so simple -- I had everything on hand. And best of all --- the Princess really liked it! Immediately told me I needed to make that a "regular" thing.

So, have you tried anything from Pinterest that you've just loved?


  1. That does look pretty good. but thanks for the reminder. I keep meaning to "populate" my Pinterest boards, even though I don't fully get Pinterest, but I get there for a few minutes at a time before I create an excuse to go do something else. It can seem a bit overbearing at times. So nope, havent done anything from Pinterest, though I've been cooking a bit more from recipes I find online.

  2. I really enjoy it --- but be sure to make sure the links work to what you pinned -- nothing more frustrating than to go make something that appears scrumptious only to realize its a dead link! I learned that one the hard way!