Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's Snowing!!!!

Today is March 2. And it is snowing. In Alabama. This is just too weird. I really don't expect that it will snow much, or even THINK about sticking to anything, but it is kind of cool to stand on my back porch with coffee in hand and watch the pups romp around with the flakes swirling.

I was getting the giggles yesterday when I passed by the grocery store on my way home. It was packed out!!! People filling their carts with milk and bread for the snow!!!! Of course the weather guys were saying we'd get a dusting at the maximum..... but here in Alabama.... just the utterance of the "S" word means everyone clears the grocery shelves, and then promptly drives their car into a ditch!!!!

Oh well, I think I'll pour myself another cup and watch the somewhat rare sight of snow flakes falling. Happy Saturday!

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