Sunday, March 24, 2013

Handing It Down

We moved into this house in 2006. The Princess was about to turn 12, and we did her room up in true almost teenager fashion. Purple and green paint, purple curtains --- furniture painted with polka dots. It was adorable. Over the years, the walls became adorned with various twilight posters and other teenage girl stuff. Now the Princess is older, and more mature, and as such is wanting a bit more mature look to her room. We started talking about it in the fall. Over Christmas, I found the perfect bedding at a STEAL at Steinmart. Our "Plan" was to take a weekend in January and clear out her room and paint, and start updating everything else as the budget and such allowed. That plan got sidelined though with my Mom's car accident. My weekends were taken up helping her and just trying to maintain some sort of order around here.

We have decided to try and get started on her room now. When my brother got married in October, he gave me a new niece -- a fabulous 9 year old girl, sweet, smart and oh so pretty. And the perfect age to start handing some of this girlier stuff down to! Problem is, they live in Tampa! Not exactly easy to drop stuff off! However, my Dad was meeting up with my brother this weekend --- that got the whole family motivated to send a bunch of stuff down. My sister was sending down a baby bed and other types of baby stuff because they are expecting a new arrival in September. My Mom sent a bunch of stuff that she'd had stored for my brother. As for me, I sent the very purple curtains, a throw rug and a tweenish jewelry box from the Princess's room. Handing stuff down instead of just getting rid of it. (And yes, I checked with my sis-in-law first to be sure the stuff might be useful!)

So, that left me with needing to go ahead and get new curtains for the Princess's room STAT. Without curtains, her room is WAY brighter than she wants it in the mornings! So, I checked at Target, I still had a balance on a gift card from Christmas, and a couple of coupons, but nothing they had worked, and without sales, those were still more than I wanted to spend even after using the gift card....

So, I decided to expand my search, and I lucked out! There was a "yes" pass out good for 15% off your total purchase at Kohl's. And I got there and the curtains were 50% off. AND they had the right color! So, I got the curtains (4 panels for 2 window) and went to check out. My total was $50.08 before tax --- and with each $50 purchase, I qualified for $10 of Kohl's Cash to be used at a later date! Woo hoo!!!!! I was excited!!! We will see if I find something else I need down the line, but I won't be spending it to JUST buy something --- it will be a gift need or a something that will work well in the Princess's redesigned room.

Anyway, it was a good deal, and I'm glad I was able to hand the other curtains down!

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  1. Gotta love it when things work out that way. Reusing and recycling things is so much better. I'm sure the tween will like the handmedowns for sure!