Sunday, March 10, 2013

Keeping Up With Pup Rx

Pups get sick sometimes just like people do. It can get quite expensive. And when you have two pups, it can get really expensive if they both have "issues" close together. Or when one of them is especially prone to eating stuff she's not supposed to, or clumsily injuring herself.... Talk about a budget buster!

One thing that used to drive me crazy was that when we got meds from the vet, the label wouldn't tell you what it was for. If it was one of those take until symptoms go away drugs, then you'd be looking at it 6 months later, trying to figure out what it was for! So, I learned pretty quickly to start writing on the bottle (in sharpie) what it was used to treat. That has probably saved me some recurring vet bills over the years.

Anyway, case in point.... yesterday, I noticed that Thing 2 had developed a "hot spot" on her back, just a bit above her tail. She had obviously just chewed herself raw. First thing I did was clean the area, and admonished her to not mess with it (she always listens REALLY well....not). She was very still while I cleaned it and was a really good girl. And actually kept her mouth off of it for a while. Then, I decided to hop in the shower since I'd spent the better part of the day working in the yard. I got out, and she met me at the bathroom door with her head hanging...... she had chewed herself up again while I wasn't paying attention.

So, I cleaned it again. Then I remembered that she had a hot spot a while back and I'd taken her to the vet for it, and we had meds for it. So I rummaged through the pet meds and found it! With "Hot Spot" written in black sharpie on the side (and yes, I checked the expiration date). I applied the med then, and once again at bedtime, then again this morning. So far she's left the spot alone and it looks SO much better today.

Honestly, had I not thought to write what it was for on the side, I likely would have had to take her to the vet, because nowhere on that bottle did it say what it was for otherwise. So, just by taking 5 seconds to write the ailment on the med, I saved myself a vet bill AND another RX cost.

Its those little things that add up. How do you save on your pet bills?

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  1. what a GREAT idea Sass!!! Thank you so much! My dog goes through severe allergies every spring, and sometimes we still have meds leftover. My memory always fades as to what meds are for what. Black marker...what a brilliant idea! :)!