Sunday, March 31, 2013

Never Too Old For An Easter Basket

The Princess loves getting her goodies! Even at 18, she still loves the idea of seeing what the Easter Bunny brought! And, I'm happy to oblige.

Back in February of 2012, The Princess went with her Dad to Disney World. I took that time to do some serious shoveling out of her bedroom. When I went to clean out her desk, I found a stash of almost year old, uneaten and unopened candy from Easter 2011. Ew. Right then and there, I decided I was NOT going to spend money on crap that wasn't her absolute favorite just so I could make the Easter Basket "cute". I was a tad bit peeved that I was throwing that stuff out.

So, last year, I just put stuff in her Easter Basket that I KNEW she loved. Doesn't give much variety, but I knew that I wouldn't be throwing half of it away. This year I repeated that exercise, and what you see above is the result --- 2 bags of Starburst Jelly Beans, 2 bags of Dove Promises Caramel Filled Chocolates, 2 packs Dentyne Ice Gum, 4 Big Canisters of Mentos Gum, and one $15 iTunes card. Thanks to coupons, BOGOs and ECBs, the grand total for the basket came in at under $25 -- and none of it will end up in the trash!

(Happy Environmental Note: The basket above was mine when I was a little girl, handmade by local craftsmen --- we skip Easter Grass, after Thing 1 ate some years back --- that was NOT a joyful experience for any of us -- I use a bright colored flowered bandana and a small pillow underneath to give it some oomph)

Hope you all had a joyous and blessed Easter with baskets filled with your hearts' delight!


  1. Great basket! You're very nice to your daughter and good to see you did it frugally.

  2. I've also introduced the concept of reusing the Easter baskets. We put them out the night before, like stockings at Christmas. I can't let go of grass though. I also reuse Easter eggs.

  3. For me, abandoning the grass was more of a "health" issue for my pups ---- that was NOT a pleasant experience.