Monday, April 29, 2013

Finals Week

The end of the Princess's first year in college is rapidly coming to an end. Finals are this week. Historically, finals have NOT been the Princess's friend. I'm hoping she will buck that trend this time around. She's definitely taking it seriously, a bit stressed, but studying her behind off. She had to work quite a bit this weekend, but had a rare Saturday night off..... so she spent that studying. And studying some more. I've been doing my part making sure she has good food and a relaxing and stress free study environment. (Yes, I got in her room and cleaned and reorganized Saturday afternoon while she was at work).

I will also be making her a good hearty breakfast this morning.... that does NOT happen often around here. In general, neither of us are big breakfast eaters.... we tend to prefer waiting until after we've been up a couple of hours to eat anything. She requested that I make bacon and eggs this morning. Before work. Ugh. But I shall do so.... with a smile on my face. Or a semi-smile. It is still way early.

So wish her luck!!! And me too.... finals week still stresses me out!!!


  1. Finals week is in two weeks for mine, only she has mostly projects to finish. I guess the good part about being a graphic design major. Of course the Math final has me nervous, not her best subject. Good luck to your Princess.

  2. Haha, good luck to you both. I'm a breakfast person, and definitely, you should look at making her something to-go, like breakfast burritos that she can take on her way in and eat while she's jittery and doing last minute studying before she goes in for her exams. Also small ziplocks with mixed nuts. It's all about trying to curve that jittery eating, and gives her a healthier output for that energy.