Saturday, April 6, 2013

How I Spent My Saturday

About six years I went through a class with our local police deparment called Citizens Police Academy. Basically, it was a once a week for twelve weeks class that gave us an "inside" look at what goes on with our local PD, in our town and what "really" happens --- outside of what you see on TV. It covered everything from finances to forensics, narcotics to DUI, tactical team to cybercrime, "routine" traffic stops (sometimes, there ain't no such thing) to firearms. It was well worth the time it took and the cost? Well, it was free!!!! I really enjoyed the class and ended up becoming an active member of the alumni organization.

We meet once a month for continuing ed and serve in a volunteer capacity for the Police Deparment at different community events throughout the year. Every few months, a new class goes through the program, and one of the most anticipated classes is "Range Day". As alums, we get to also go and participate. We shoot a variety of firearms all under the watchful eye of EXCELLENT instructors who put safety and respect for guns first at all times.

In the pic above I'm shooting a M16, but I also shot a MP5, a Glock 40 and a 12 Gauge Shotgun. The bruise I have from the recoil of the shotgun is not likely to go away anytime soon. And honestly, that gun was too big and too heavy for me to handle with any real accuracy. I handled the others a LOT better.

Anyway, that's how I spent the most gorgeous Saturday of the year so far. What did you do?

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