Sunday, January 15, 2012

Early Spring Fever

This weekend has been flipping COLD at night but actually quite nice during the day. While we enjoy some realy nice days I'm trying to get some yard work done a few hours at a time (my yard work muscles are currently WOEFULLY out of shape). Generally I prefer digging in the dirt than doing the actual yard maintenance, but the maintenance is required for the digging in the dirt part to look decent.

My numerous flower beds are actually quite varied in their styles of plants as well as the types of blooms and when they bloom. This is quite frankly primarily because many friends and family members have been so incredibly generous with the great tradition of passalong plants. I love the variety that others generosity has provided to my garden. This week I got another unexpected delivery of passalongs!

My wonderful, fabulous regular boss gave me a buzz and asked if I wanted some bulbs. Her husband had been just given several crates and it was way more than they could use, so did I want some? OF COURSE! So this week she called me when she got to the office and told me to meet her at her car. I went down there and she had FOUR crates of bulbs ready to load into my car --- tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and amaryllis. That's a LOT of plants. Honestly, way more than I could plant, but I wasn't about to turn them down. So I loaded them up in my car, and then today, I started planting. And planting. And planting. And then I made phone calls to other garden friends and delivered bulbs to them too!

Its actually a bit late in the season to plant them so some of them might not come up this year, but that's okay, I've had that happen before and likely they will do just fine the next. So, that's my money saving achievement this weekend --- lots of spring color for FREE!!!!!

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