Monday, January 9, 2012

Let The Game Begin

Today is one of my favorite days of the year: GAME DAY! And to make it even better, it's National Championship Game Day! And Alabama is playing in the game! I'll be at my usual spot tonight, watching the game, pacing the floor and yelling at the TV. I budgeted this particular night out into this month's budget because I knew there was no way I was sitting at home watching this game alone! (The Princess has plans to watch it with her friends elsewhere!) I'm pumped. I'm hyped. Now to just get through the work day!

Back in November, I lamented the fact that my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide had dashed its National Championship hopes with a shoot themselves in the foot performance agains LSU. The inability to convert on 3rd down and what seemed like a million missed field goals resulted in a 9-6 overtime lost. To many across the country that #1 vs. #2 "game of the century" was a snoozer. For those of us that love smash mouth defensive football, it was a great, albeit frustrating game. And it appeared that all was lost.

Somehow, however, the stars aligned, everything that happened needed to happen, and Bama is playing tonight for the the National Championship, in a rematch against LSU. Nationally, college football fans are up in arms demanding a playoff system since the SEC is now winning yet another National Championship even before kickoff. It is interesting to note that several years ago, the SEC actually pushed for a "Plus 1" game and the other conference commissioners roundly rejected the idea (including the commisioner of the conference that OSU calls home), the school that felt it should be in the game instead of Alabama.

But it is what it is, and tonight I'll settle in with friends and watch a game that means an awful lot to many in this state. After a year of unspeakable loss, tragedy, strength and resilience, we're looking for  a bright spot and I'm hoping this is it. Roll Tide!


  1. Enjoy! I am not a sports fan, but I love the enthusiasm from others who are.

    One of my best friend's is a HUGE Packers she is gearing up for hopefully another Super Bowl run.

  2. I had to tell you this...

    My boss looked at me today and said "Game Day....whose side are you on, Alabama or LSU?" I of course said Alabama (because seriously, I have no idea about these things). He said, me too.

    So there ya go.

  3. Awww, Mysti! That just warms my heart!!!!! Here's hoping and ROLL TIDE!