Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weekend Grocery Shopping

Although I did a pretty big grocery shopping last week, just catching up a bit on my lackadaisical coupon shopping, I still needed to do a fair amount of shopping in preparation for freezer cooking. So Saturday morning, I decided a return trip to Publix was in order, as well as a trip to Aldi.

First stop was Publix to pick up more beverages:

4 Bags 8 O'Clock Coffee
4 Canisters Crystal Light

Saved: $25.92
(Yummy beverages are EXPENSIVE!)

Next stop was Aldi:

9 Pounds Lean Ground Beef
2 Frozen Pizzas
2 Boxes Dog Treats
1 8 Pack Aldi "Gatorade"
3 Boxes Shells & Cheese
2 Macaroni & Cheese
1 Pasta & Cauces
1 Boxes Pasta
1 Skillet Dinner
1 Pasta Salad Kit
1 "Rice a Roni"
2 Alfredo Sauce
1 Box Instant Oatmeal Packets
2 Coffee Creamers
White Tortiall Chips
1 Whole Chicken
1 Light Sour Cream

Spent: $67.44

I have spent well over 1/2 this month's grocery budget in a matter of days. I'm really hoping this heavy spending this early in the month will greatly reduce what I spend later in the month!


  1. Not too shabby! I can't ever buy Crystal Light in quantities because of the horrible 'sale' prices of $3/box of 10. That is a lot of food, so hopefully it will last you until the second half. Though when you think about it, the second half of the month starts in 3 more days. I think you'll be A-OK.

  2. Crystal Light was on sale for $2 for the box of 10 -- which is definitely better than the cost of soft drinks -- and the Princess prefers it so it ends up being win/win!