Sunday, January 8, 2012

Freezer Cooking Finished!

I have finally finished my freezer cooking for the day! Or, almost.... I've still got chicken stock simmering. I started this morning and it didn't really take all day. I also did laundry, walked Thing 2, entered a ton of Powerade caps onto MyCokeRewards, took a nap and sliced my finger open with my really sharp Chef's knife!

I actually decided to do the chicken stock because of a post from the fabulous April at An Apple A Day Wisdom -- she manages to really get the extra mile from her veggies!

Anyway, this is what I made today:

4 meals worth Taco Seasoned Beef
8 meals worth Ground Beef
5 meals worth cooked chicken
Tuna salad for lunch this week
3 Cups Diced Onions
2 cups shredded zucchini
Chicken Stock (still in progress)

I had hoped to try out a recipe I found for some yeast rolls, but after slicing my finger open, kneading bread dough didn't sound like the wisest, most sanitary or most appetizing thing to do. So, the great yeast roll experiment will have to wait for another day!


  1. Ow, getting cut in the kitchen is NOT fun, especially while you're still cooking. I do that way too often, and it kills my resolve to continue cooking... for a good reason. Hope it gets better soon! And WOW. You make me so very jealous with all that cooking. You're more productive in the kitchen in one day (I know it is a day made for productivity, but still) than I am in probably a month. Kudos to you.

  2. Ahh that stinks about your finger!

    And wow you got so much cooking done.

  3. Thank you! I'm sorry about your finger! The plus side of getting your finger sliced by a sharp knife though...? Is that it WAS a sharp knife. That made it a clean cut which is better. Let me know if you like the stock. :)

  4. Sorry about your finger. This weekend is our once a month cooking day so I will be glad to get it done :)