Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grocery Prices = YIKES

During the insanity of the holiday season, I really let my grocery budget get completely out of hand. I was buying things for special meals that I don't normally buy. I wasn't paying much attention to prices because I needed what I needed when I needed it. So after work last night I went to the store with a few coupons in hand. I hadn't clipped or printed many lately because I just hadn't had the time. Really paying attention to the prices I was paying this time around was a HUGE eye opener. I kind of freaked a little bit at the prices. They have really gone up when I wasn't looking. And being out of several things that I normally have stocked up and that weren't on sale this time around didn't help! So,this is what I got:

2 Bags Tyson Chicken
1 Glad Trash Bags
2 8 O'Clock Coffees (got a rain check since they were out of my favorite flavor, but got these to get me through)
6 Powerades
2 Ramen Noodles
1 Bag Salad Mix
1 Angel Soft 9 Pack Double Roll
1 Publix Dog Treats
4 Crystal Lights
1 30 lb. Pedigree Dog Food (Not Pictured)

Spent: $63.57
Saved: $38.64 or 38%

I've got to do better --- because I just spend over 25% of the month's grocery budget and I really didn't buy much in the way of actual FOOD. Yikes.


  1. I am trying to make sure that I only make one "special" meal a month that needs extra ingredients because of the cost of everything.

    Gas went back up too!

  2. I had the same experience. December's food budget was totally insane. Then I decided to get smart, clean out the pantry and make a very limited list. I ended up spending $78.00 for very few items...(even less than yours!) However, I think you did great when you add in the 30 lb bag of dogfood and the kitchen bags!

  3. I hate that food prices are going up! It's killing our food budget.

  4. Don't know if this is helpful, but I finally gave up Crystal Light & Gatorade, and only use the G2 (lighter version of Gatorade) on days when I have a huge workout. I consider them "splurges", & only buy them if the grocery budget is under for the month. Anyway, something to consider. :-)

  5. I tend to ONLY buy Crystal Light when it is on BOGO sale -- the Princess has gotten to where she prefers it to soft drinks so I stock up a bit when it is on BOGO --- The Powerades are for post basketball practice for the Princess -- they are $1.50 in the gym vending machine for a 20 oz, so I pick up the 32 oz when it goes on sale at $1 or better and she tosses it in her bag on the way out the door in the mornings.

  6. I am BIG on Crystal Lights. I really only drink water 95% of the time (the rest is juice when I want to afford it), so Crystal Light really helps me vary it while still drinking water. I'm not a fan of sodas. But Crystal Lights are SO expensive... I've never seen them at BOGO. If I did, I'd most likely stock up with a vengeance.

  7. Our Publix puts crystal light on bogo on a semi regular basis so I stock up when I can. I prefer us both to drink Crystal Light over soft drinks although I still buy them some, just not as much. I'm heading back to the store this morning to get the right coffee flavor and to pick up a few more to get us through to the next sale.