Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Love Free Stuff

A few years ago, I used to hit up every free sample I saw on the internet. If it said FREE I was all about it! And what did I end up with? A bunch of sample size stuff I'd never really use. There really wasn't a point in it. I mean I did use some of the stuff --- the sample size cold medicines and pain relievers went in my "travel bag" as a justincase when I was traveling a lot for work. But for the most part, I ended up with little packets of products I wasn't going to use. And no place to put them.

So, I quit signing up for samples. Who needed the extra crap, right? And I went along like that for a while...... but then I realized something. Getting the mail each day was pretty depressing. Most everything that came in the mail was either total junk mail.... or it was mail that said I owed money! Yuck. So, while browsing a few blogs, I came upon a "freebie roundup" -- wherein the blog owner had posted links to the week's best freebies (and JEEZ I wish I could remember whose blog it was cause I'd sure like to give credit!). The one for Finish diswashing detergent caught my eye. I don't really NEED dishwasher detergent as I'm really well stocked because a bogo with coupons quite a while back had me picking up boxes for .50 each so I bought a bunch. However, I had a place to put the sample, it was something that would get used for sure... AND it doesn't go bad (unless your pup decides to try and open a box, but that's a whole different story....). So I signed up for it.

And lo, and behold, after a less than stellar day today, I got the mail from the box. And in with the bills and other junk, was my sample for Finish dishwasher detergent (the fancier kind!). I know it sounds silly as hell, but it just made me kind of happy.

So, I think I'm back on the freebie bandwagon --- except that I'm going to be more selective and make sure the freebies are for the products I want to try or know i will actually use!

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