Thursday, September 6, 2012

Still Saving At Publix

Grocery Shopping for one is an odd thing. I can "make do" with less than is usually necessary when the Princess is home (for one thing, I'm not nearly as picky of an eater!). Anyway, when the Princess was home last weekend, I had to make a grocery run for stuff for her to take back. I'm paying for a meal plan that is actually 7 times my monthly grocery budget (for 2 people) and it only covers 4 months! However, we learned through when Isaac came through --- she's not going to walk all the way across campus to the dining hall when its raining cats and dogs!  Not to mention, she's the breakfast bar type at the most important meal of the day. Anyway, at last night's Publix trip, I picked up a few things for me and some stuff to put in the Princess's car next time she's home.

Here's what I got:

3 Yakisoba Noodles (these were a money maker, BOGO for .50, then I had 3 .50 coupons that doubled!)
2 Mrs. T's Pierogies
3 Hamburger Helpers
1 Smart Balance Milk
1 Helluva Good French Onion Dip
1 Kraft Frest Taste
2 Special K Pastry Crisps
1 Special K Bar
1 Bailey's Coffee Creamer
1 Publix Bread (Penny Item!)

Spent: $20.52
Saved: $23.31 or 53%


  1. IS she coming over soon? I thought you'd be buying more non-perishable items for her to take back to school. I do like the Fresh Takes, though I've had limited success using it. They never quite come out like in the picture and get slightly soggy. Good nonetheless!

  2. Oh, I guess I wasn't really clear -- the special K and the noodles are for the Princess -- the rest is day in and day out stuff. I had spent more than I wanted over the weekend for stuff for her to take back, so I'm trying to take the "stock up a little at a time" approach for next time she comes home. Which, honestly, will likely be mid-October at the earliest!