Friday, September 14, 2012

Amazon Update

Back in August, I told y'all about my Amazon Gift Cards being stolen. I was beside myself with upset because not only was I "out" my $50 gift card, I felt the very real obligation to replace the Princess's card to since it was my stupidity that got the cards stolen in the first place.

The friend who had gifted them, Singer Girl, had talked to Amazon until she was positively blue in the face. I'd talked to them, I'd emailed them. But basically, other than that first person I talked to who seemed sympathetic, the answer was basically too bad, so sad. We had pretty much given up. I was chalking it up to a VERY expensive lesson learned.

And then something happened.... I was posting a Swagbucks redemption to my account on Sunday and lo, and behold, there was a $50 gift card applied gift card to my account. OMG! They'd given me back $50 of it. I absolutely could NOT believe it. Granted, it wasn't the full $100, but hey, it was better than the big fat goose egg I'd thought I was getting back. A Happy Day, indeed.

Then, a couple of days later, I noticed a missed call and voice mail on my cell phone. I listened to the message and lo and behold, it was the first person I'd talked to at Amazon (the one who was sympathetic to the issue).... she was telling me that the gift cards had been credited back. I immediately checked my account --- and WOW! Now there were TWO $50 credits! Another HAPPY DAY!

I'm not sure how it all came to be, I'm just thankful. Thankful that even in big corporations there are people who listen, understand and will go the extra mile to right a wrong. And thankful that I finally "caught a break" as this has been one month with one financial hit after another. So, I'm going to enjoy it (and be really glad I don't owe the Princess $50!)!!!!!!

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  1. That is fantastic. I'm glad they resolved the issue, even though time had gone by. Definitely hope you kept the name of that person and send some positive feedback their way.