Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Party Pass

Last night I went to a Thirty One party. Tons of Uh-Dor-Able bags at quite the pricey amount! I went there with the full intention of not buying a darn thing. I let my hostess know that up front. I was going to see a few friends I hadn't seen in months and the fabulous hostess and that was pretty much it. (And to snarf up some really good eats because the hostess is an incredible cook --- I told her that up front too, because certain friends, you can just do that with!)

Anyway, I must say I was tempted! Very tempted. I did almost fill a slot on my Christmas List, but once the monogramming, tax and shipping was added, the item would have been almost double the cost and totally out of the budget I had planned for that particular gift! So, I passed on that one. Then there were a couple of cute things I was very interested in personally, but those were "hostess only" items. Featured in about 3 places in the catalog, but since I wasn't a hostess, I couldn't purchase those. That kind of made me go "eh" about the rest of the stuff.

I was completely happy to go to the party, completely happy to see my friends and catch up some with my hostess with the mostess, and in the end, completely happy to have not bought a darn thing!

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