Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shopping In My Own House

I have a confession to make..... for a brief, but fun, time last year, I was a Pampered Chef Independent Consultant. I enjoyed doing it at first, but then it became too much work for too little profit and I was in serioud danger of becoming my own best customer! One thing I did do was make sure that some of the stuff I bought with my discounts and free items would translate well to gifts in the future.

So, I have some gift giving events coming up: my niece's birthday, my brother's wedding and Christmas. Sunday afternoon, I decided to reorganize and inventory the closet where I keep my show samples and the other stuff I'd purchased. Out of that stuff, I came up with both birthday and Christmas presents for my niece and a truly fabulous gift for my brother's wedding.

That takes a pretty good weight off of my shoulders --- several gifts that don't have to come out of my current strained-to-the-point-of-breaking-budget! And it has motivated me! I sincerely need to get my act together and see if I can put together some other fabulous gifts AND see if I can maybe actually put my inner crafty girl to work and make some stuff this year. I always SAY I will, but it never seems to happen! We will see!!!!!!


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