Thursday, September 13, 2012

No Grocery Shopping for Me This Week

I generally love Publix shopping on Wednesdays. I ADORE the penny item, and when I saw that yesterday's penny item was Publix coffee, I was like "woo hoo!"!!!! A penny for one of my FAVORITE things on the planet? I'll take that! The catch is that you have to purchase $10 worth of other stuff, which is generally no problem, I just do a stock up on the rock bottom deals of the week and go on my merry way.

But then I started looking at the ad...... and it was a terrible ad week for anything I might possibly need to purchase. The deals were "meh" at best. I looked through that ad at least 4 times trying to find something that I felt was a good enough deal to make the trip and actually purchase. Even for almost free coffee.

I guess I could have just paid full price for some items I might need, but that seemed silly and wasteful. A deal isn't a deal if you wouldn't be buying it anyway!

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  1. I have had that happen so many times these past few months. Our grocery store ads have been bare at best. So when they have an awesome deal, but you need to buy extra items, and I cant find any... it sort of sucks, but I'd rather buy something I really want at regular sale prices (not super 99c sale) than come home with $15 worth of stuff I wasnt intending to buy.