Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Hate Being Stupid

So, back in May, my very generous friend, Singer Girl, gave me and the Princess each $50 Amazon Gift Cards. Our plan was to use them both for textbooks. So, I held on to them to be sure we didn't spend them on something stupid. BIG MISTAKE.

We went to apply them to our account, and the codes had already been used. So I contacted Amazon, who basically told me that either the giver had "taken them back" or someone else in my household had used them. Wrong. For "privacy reasons" they couldn't tell me who had redeemed them. So, Singer Girl, contacted them. As it turns out, they had been stolen by someone not in my household and who I've never heard of --- they would tell Singer Girl because she's the one who paid for them.

Anyway, I ended up talking to someone at Amazon who was very sympathetic, and could "see" that it had obviously been stolen so she sent it to the "escalation department" to see if anything could be done and for further investigation. Well, that was a big fat waste of time, because 30 minutes later I get the exact same form email from Amazon telling me that it had likely been spent by the original gifter or someone in my household.... sigh.... they didn't even look at it. Just rubber stamped it again.

So big lesson learned. When you get Amazon gift codes --- APPLY THEM IMMEDIATELY. There are apparently a lot of very dishonest people out there, and quite frankly, Amazon would rather protect them than their honest consumers. I really hate being stupid.


  1. You werent being stupid! I would call again, especially if you got a rep to "see" that it had been stolen. Different reps may be able to do different things, or talk to a supervisor... especially if you're talking about $100 for textbooks! Don't settle for emails. Get a supervisor and get a decision over a voice conversation.

  2. Yes, call again! Amazon has very good customer service; I've always been completely satisfied. Maybe the rules around gift cards are tougher than, say, returns, but still, I'm surprised you didn't have a better experience. BTW, being the victim of a crime does NOT make you stupid. It's sickening that had to happen to you.

  3. I would not call you stupid at all! I have physical gift cards as well as e-gift cards that I haven't used mainly because I don't want to waste them and it's crazy I would have to just to avoid someone stealing the numbers and the company not doing anything to help. I am very surprised at Amazon handling this the way they did. I use them often but this makes me a little nervous now.
    I really hope you can talk to a supervisor or even write a letter to the corp. office (send it certified) and maybe something can be done.

  4. Don't give up. Call, call, call, Email, email, email. Get names. Keep at them!