Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Am NOT Getting Another Dog

My house has been very quiet lately. With the Princess off at college, it has been almost eerily quiet around here. No music blaring in the mornings as I get ready for work. The TV barely gets turned on. And while I talk to my pups frequently, they haven't started talking back. So it is quiet. And its a different quiet than the Princess just going off to visit her Dad for a week or so. It is QUIET.

All along, as people have asked me how I would or how I am adjusting to the empty nest. I would usually joke and say, "If I start talking about getting another dog, I need my friends to stage an intervention so I don't become the crazy dog lady!". I love pups. I think everyone should have a pup. Or two. Or even three if their home, life and budget can support it.

One thing I know for certain, my budget cannot support another pup. My budget is currently tie-you-to-a-tree-tight. I also know that for Thing 1, who is 12 years old, introducing another dog to the family at this stage in his life just would not be fair. He deserves to enjoy his old age without another rambunctious ball of energy muscling in on his territory.

I have several friends involved in Animal Rescue. I admire and love the things they do for the lost, lonely and abandoned four legged friends. I truly do. However, I think I'm going to have to "hide" them from my facebook feed. I just don't need the temptation. And goodness knows if I say how cute or sweet a furbaby is and how I hope he finds his "fur-ever" home --- well, they tell me mine would be just perfect! Yeah, I don't need the temptation.

So, no new pups for this household. I'm sticking to that. For certain. For definite. End of story... Now to just hide those feeds!!!!!!

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