Thursday, August 2, 2012

Getting It All Together

Ten Days. In just TEN short days the Princess will be moving into the dorm. I cannot believe time is this short. When I started this blog, it still seemed like a far off thing. But its here, and I am in no way near where I wanted to be financially. I'm still looking at $5K in credit card debt. Financial Aid wasn't what we'd hoped it would be, and DANG! There is SO MUCH that we still need to get (purchase).

Add to it, the Princess has been making noises about clothes she needs/wants to start school with. I really cannot gripe too terribly much as I have not purchased one single item of clothing other than her graduation dress and shoes since she started working in April. She has very specific "needs" in mind to "round out" her wardrobe, so I'm biting the bullet and taking her shopping on Saturday. I have some money left on a couple of department store gift cards I got for my birthday, and she has a couple WalMart card she got for graduation that she is willing to use for necessities instead of "stuff". So, I'm hoping we can really combine our efforts and spend as little as possible since there are lots of things she will still need.

We are way behind on the organizational front. Her wisdom teeth had her completely out of being "useful" for a good four days, and waiting on her constantly interrupted the things I was trying to get accomplished. (I'm really not complaining as the waiting on her is part of the "Mom Job", and she was really a good patient --- it was very nice to hear "please" and "thank you", even when it was slurred out due to the sedatives!). However, these past 3 days have been kind of a wash too as I've come home from work and basically hit the couch because I've had some really bad pain in my back.

Anyway, we are in a mad dash to get it all done. I'm trying not to freak out because of money. A friend keeps telling me not to worry about things I can't control --- but I can't help it. I'm WORRYING! And I'm doing a fabulous job at it!


  1. I have been here before, getting them out the door is expensive!

  2. I don't know if this is something you would be interested in but you can get a lot of expensive clothes (J. Crew, Lily pulitzer) for fairly cheap on eBay. It is were I buy a lot of my clothes!