Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shopped and Dropped

Yesterday the Princess and I spent 7 hours shopping. 7 hours. We were finishing up her back to school purchases before she moves off next week. Dorm stuff, clothes, groceries (just a few), toiletries, clip on lamp, shoes, etc. It was a day that ended up a blur of ringing cash registers and swiped cards.

Alabama had one of those back to school "Tax Free Holidays" this weekend. Theorectically, the state drops the sales tax, and then counties and local municipalities do too. It can add up to a 9%-11% savings on certain items if you are already buying them anyway, but I've noticed that the "deals" aren't as good on those weekends so I can generally save more by shopping the last weekend in July. Due to the Princess's wisdom teeth extraction, that just wasn't possible last weekend and she moves next weekend, so off to the malls and shopping centers we went, coupons in hands and a mutual pledge to shop the clearance and sales racks when possible.

All totaled, we spent $671.98 yesterday, not including the food we ate out (which ended up another $80). OUCH. Getting kids to college is expensive before you ever even step on campus! But before y'all think I totally lost my mind, not all of that was out of pocket. $237.46 was on gift cards that the Princess had received for graduation and had decided to use to help with the back to school costs. So, the final out of pocket costs were $434.52. And by combining sales, coupons and tax free holiday, we "saved" $492.26 over full price --- not that I would really PAY full price, but its always interesting to add that up when its offered on the receipt!

So, I think we are about done --- I'm sure there's something I've forgotten but right now, I'm just worried about how we are going to get all of this stuff into 2 cars!

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  1. Florida had a tax-free weekend as well and I finished rounding up a few of the things they needed. Especially the shoes!