Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gearing Up For Christmas...Yes, Christmas

With all of the time and money focused on getting the Princess ready to go off to college, getting her there and then trying to settle in to my new normal, my usual early Christmas planning has been derailed. I usually have at least a few presents already bought and stashed appropriately away. Well, that hasn't been the case so far this year. Christmas is looming just four short months away and I've done very little in the way of preparation.

However, a couple of things have happened in recent days that have made me want to jumpstart my planning and start really giving it all some thought. And by happening, I've had some free stuff land in my lap that will make great presents so that has kind of jumpstarted and energized my thinking.

Item #1 ---- through My Coke Rewards, I got an offer for a free Shutterfly photo book. I'll still be paying shipping, but I'm thoroughly jazzed about being able to gift a photo book. I haven't decided yet whether I'll do a book for the Princess or maybe even my Mom. Just not sure yet, BUT I'll be making a decision soon.

Item #2 (and, technically #3) --- I entered a blog giveaway at Life As Mom and won copies of The Lorax and Despicable Me. We already have Descipicable Me, so that will be a gift for my nephew. The Princess has always been a HUGE fan of "kid" movies, so The Lorax will be wrapped up and under the tree for her.

So, that's three presents without a real ding to my budget. I'm starting to redeem my swagbucks for they will all be ready for use come the really good deals in November and December. Now, I just have to see what else I can get for free without making my budget gasp for air.

Any ideas or suggestions from y'all?


  1. We are cutting back a lot on presents this year. I have finished blankets and scarves for the kids but so far thats all. We will probably kick it into gear once everyone is back to school

  2. Definitely cutting back --- with tuition, I'm going to be stretched thin. I'm hoping for some really great deals to get everyone handled! And since the Princess is now in school --- I guess I need to kick it up a notch. Or 10.