Monday, August 13, 2012


Early Saturday morning, we got up, got ready, loaded the last of the Princess's stuff into our cars and made the 2 1/2 hour trip to the Princess's new school. Her Dad met us there to help move her in --- since the dorm doesn't have an elevator, is situated on a hill and the room is on the 2nd floor, I was very glad he came. We got her set up, with the Princess and I handling the clothes and stuff and him handling setting up the computer, printer, cable, tv and dvd --- as well as putting together her shelves. I think we've feathered her nest pretty well for her new home away from home. Spent more than I wanted to all in all, but for the stuff we had to buy, I at least tried to (for the most part) keep in mind things that would have future uses.

The shelves pictured above were the biggest recent expense, got them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They were $60, but we had a 20% off coupon, so spent $48. We really like the extra storage space they provide --- not sure how much she will be able to use them in future years, but she'd had her eye on them for 2 years, so I bit the bullet and got them. The bedding was from Target and we got it last fall when it went on clearance. The bulletin board was an idea from pinterest --- foam presentation board, covered in fabric -- much lighter than a normal bulletin board and therefore much easier to hang with Command strips -- and honestly, a lot cheaper too. $6 for board, fabric and hanging ribbon. The necklace holder was a thrift store find that I spray painted black a year or two ago.

Her desk and dresser area is pretty much all recycled from home except for the clearance priced lamp, the crate for books and the spanking new printer (a gift from her Dad).

After we got it all set up, we still had to make a quick trip to walmart for things I hadn't thought of --- a mop, a seat cushion, a rug and an additional surge protector. I really do not like shopping at Walmart, but that's what was available in this town, so off we went.

As our luck would have it, the Princess woke up Friday morning with a sumemr cold and has been feeling basically like crap ever since. When I was preparing to leave, she teared up, told me she just wanted to go home and wishes she'd made a different choice. My heart just broke. This is going to be hard enough on both of us. I hate that she's feeling this way. I know being sick and Mom leaving has something to do with it, but she's also scared about finding "her" place there --- she's been in the same school system since kindergarten and has never had to make the effort to make friends --- she just had her friends. And she's missing them.

I talked to her several times yesterday, and she sounded better, but is still feeling like crap. I really hope she can kick this cold soon as the first couple of weeks of college are important for finding your "place". I swear, I am worrying about her more now that she's out on her own, than I ever really have in the past 18 years. This new normal is not setting well with me so far!


  1. Oh- so hard to let go! I'm not looking forward to it in a couple of years. Her dorm room looks awesome!

  2. Give it time. It will be tough for a few weeks at best, but then it will settle. That, or you both will be too busy with school/life to let it get to you! Hope she feels better soon; being sick during the first weeks of school is just unnerving.