Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reaching for the Goal

In recent weeks, I've been thinking a lot about my goals and my future. I've reached the beginning of on goal --- getting the Princess to college. Definitely not as easily and financially secure as I'd like. But the goal is at least reached, now to sustain it for four years!

But I've got other goals too..... personally, professionally and financially. Those seem harder to reach.

Personally, well, that's just a mess ---- I've got fabulous friends and a fabulous family, but basically I'm a disorganized basketcase. And there always seems to be not enough time to give those other relationships their due. And lately with the Princess gone, the solitude is harder to deal with.

Professionally, that's a mess too --- I've basically been in limbo for the past year. And that's through nothing I've done or haven't done --- it's bureaucracy at its finest. And it looks as though the limbo will continue for another year possibly. The good news is that even with a greatly reduced workload, my benefits continue as does my salary level. I survived the cuts that had to be made, but some of my coworkers weren't so fortunate.

Financially, that's always a mess --- I think I've figured out a mostly workable plan if Murphy doesn't pay a visit and if I didn't have to pay for the Princess's flight to my brother's wedding and Christmas. That's a big huge YIKES! I'm still working on that plan.

All of that combined kind of has me with the "blahs" this morning. I feel like I'm living in limbo in so many ways and that's just not the easiest way to function. I'm working on all three facets, but I don't feel like progress is being made. And I need progress. I need to know that my efforts are amounting to SOMETHING.

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