Sunday, August 19, 2012

Battling the Jungle

This summer has not been kind to my yard. I tried container gardening for veggies. After what looked to be a fairly promising first harvest of veggies ---- nothing. Well almost nothing. Let's just say I was less than pleased with the turnout. A lot of work for very little yeild. Live and learn I suppose.

I did a fairly good job at keeping up with the rest of my yard until I went on vacation. That encompassed the better part of 2 weekends, and I was never really able to get things caught up again after that. With the preparations for the Princess to go off to college, I was lucky to be able to get the grass cut!

Some of that will change today, however! My dear, sweet, wonderful Dad is coming over to help me for a few hours to get the yard caught up. I've got a lot of stuff that badly needs cutting back and then needs to be hauled to the curb for pickup, so we are going to focus on that --- the heavy lifting to get my yard looking better again. I'm pretty pumped.

Lots of rain yesterday should make most weeds relatively easy to pull and right now its nice and cool out. Of course this is August in Alabama so it will warm up as the day goes on, but I know that it will still be a lot more comfortable than a normal August day. Free yard work! Yea!!!!!

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