Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Caved....

In the past month or so, I have enjoyed super low power and gas bills. A product of not running the AC or Heat for weeks on end. I had set myself a goal of getting through the month of October without having to turn the heat on at all. Alas, it was not to be.

When I returned home Sunday afternoon, the temperature had dropped drastically when compared with when I left town on Friday. The inside of my house was 59 degrees. "No worries," I thought, "I'll just bundle up in layers and all will be well." So I spent a relatively comfy evening (even though my hands were pretty chilled). However, bedtime approached. And the outside temp was just dropping steadily. I knew I would not be able to sleep as cold as it was. So, alas. I turned on the heat to 60. And then I tossed and turned trying to finally fall asleep since my nose was freezing (I don't like covers over my face). And I turned and tossed some more. Finally, at some point I fell asleep.

I woke up yesterday and was reasonably comfortable most of the day, although I had bumped the heat back to 59 again. Did have a few chilly points during the day, but overall was comfortable.
Last night though, I decided I could not toss and turn for hours trying to get comfy because I actually had to return to work today! So, I put the heat at a "toasty" 61. I think that might be a good temp for my house (although I expect the Princess will balk at that when she comes home at Thanksgiving). I went to sleep easily. Was not frozen when I woke up, and was pretty comfortable all in all.

I bumped the heat down to 58 when I left the house this morning. It should be interesting to see how long it takes the house to warm up this afternoon when I get home. I really hate that I didn't make my "goal" of not turning the heat on until November, but there is a silver lining --- there should be a somewhat reasonable warmup this weekend, so I might not have to run the heat then!!!! Here's hoping!


  1. Our heats been on for a month... It's been cold here & I hate my kids and I being cold! :(

  2. You made it very far without any sort of heat. It was 41 outside, and the house was pretty chilly. We put the air up to a much-toastier 68 degrees, though!

  3. I turned the heat on when it was 59 in the house, that is as low as I can stand.

  4. I had it set at 58 this morning, but apparently the day warmed up enough that the heat didn't have to run because it was at 60 when I walked in the door!