Monday, October 1, 2012


So, Saturday I had a quest for shoes planned. Had to find the PERFECT shoes to go with this bridesmaid's dresss and I had to get the issue resolved BEFORE Wednesday, so, basically Saturday an Sunday were it!

I woke up raring to go. But first, I took a sidetrip.... a lifelong friend was having a garage sale, and since this friend tends to have REALLY good taste.... well, I just had to go.....

So, I get there, and the shoe spirits were smiling benevolently down on me... right there, right in front of me were THE shoes. The perfect bronze-ish dressy high heeled sandals. Perfect height. Perfect Size. Perfect (as in not "cheap") Brand. Perfect Soles (never worn). All that, and at the Perfect Price.
$2. Yes, TWO DOLLARS. Two lovely little George Washingtons....

Needless to say, those babies went home with me.


  1. That sounds like those shoes were fated to be yours ;)

  2. Dont you love when things work out that way? Congrats!

  3. That is truly destiny!!!!!!