Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Our Way

Today I am heading out of town for my brother's wedding. Given that the wedding itself is 13 hours away, this is not what one would call a frugal trip. After all has been said and done I will  be spending well in excess of $1000 for this trip. The Princess's flight is weighing at $450. Her shuttle from her university to the airport is $40, plus given the time of day she will be traveling and her layover, she will have to eat something at the airport. Our accommodations for 3 nights will be $300. The dress, with alterations, shoes and appropriate foundation garments came to almost $300. And I haven't even left town yet.

I am actually riding down with my Dad, and he isn't letting me chip in on gas for the trip. The Princess had to fly because her class schedule just wasn't flexible enough to allow for her to ride down with any of us. My niece and nephew got lucky because their college has fall break this week, so they don't have class at all this week and will also be hitting the road today.

At least two meals will be covered between the rehearsal dinner and the reception, but that leaves quite a few more to take care of during the long weekend. I'm hoping that everyone down there will help keep budgets in mind so that we don't end up eating out as a group at THE MOST EXPENSIVE places in town. Not sure how that will work out though!!!!

Anyway, wish us luck! For now, I've got to get on the road.....

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  1. Have a safe drive! And hope your budget comes out unscattered!