Monday, October 22, 2012

Its Off To Work I Go

Today I head back to work for the first time in nine days. After taking a week off for surgery, it is time to get back to the daily grind. Truth be told, I'm ready. One can only watch so much HGTV and read so many internet articles in a week's time before one starts to go stir crazy.

I tried to get stuff done around the house during the recuperation, (nothing strenuous or anything like that), but truth be told..... my focus and energy levels were zilch. Yesterday was actually the first day that I really felt like doing much of anything, and even then frequent breaks were involved. I'm looking forward to getting back to a productive routine. I'm not one for lazing around much, it tends to drive me a bit bonkers, so getting back to normal is something I've looked forward to for a week!

There is one potential drawback to heading back to work though.... I have to actually put on normal clothes instead of weeklong wardrobe of cute pjs, tshirts and yoga pants! Okay, two drawbacks... I have to put on heels instead of slippers, too. Hmmmm, maybe I'm not looking forward to this as much as I thought!


  1. I live in dansko clogs during the week in the summer dansko sandals. So on Sunday when I have to put on heels for three hours it is torture!

  2. Those are good worries to have (vs some more serious work-related ones). Hope you have a good transition back into the workforce! Dont work too hard.