Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And Another Fail

I had hoped to wait until the end of the month to turn the heat on. However, Mother Nature conspired against me. When I went out of town this weekend, the temps were supposed to plummet. I knew that the Princess would want or need to turn the heat on over the weekend. So, before I went out of town, I flipped the heat on, and set it to the normal "winter" setting. I told the Princess that the heat was set and she shouldn't touch it. It would come on if it was needed. She said she's not sure if it came on or not.

Since its been dipping cool at night, I've left it set on the winter setting overnight and waking up its been dead set on that temp in the morning. So, I don't really know if its been kicking on or not. I do know that it hasn't been running after I've gotten up in the morning though. So, another seasonal fail.

Maybe next year?


  1. You can't control the weather and you shouldn't be freezing either.

  2. I set an arbitrary date to use heat and just freeze until then...lol. But, I am the only one here, so I can just suffer to meet my date without heat. My goal this year is Thanksgiving. It is supposed to get down to 36 this weekend, so let's see if I can take it!

  3. I always try to make it until the end of September before turning it on, but don't ususally make it. Well...I could make it but DH won't.