Thursday, October 31, 2013

I Was Tricked....

I rarely buy Halloween candy. Not because I don't like Trick or Treating, but because I'm never home on Halloween. Every year since the Princess outgrew Trick or Treating, I've volunteered at the local Police Department giving out candy. That got derailed this year as I've been home sick for two days. I'm well on the mend I think, but didn't think it was a good idea to hang out around a bunch of kids this evening.

But uh-oh! I didn't have any Halloween Candy in case we get trick or treaters. So I ran to Publix today and picked up a 40 ct pack of 3 Musketeers, Starburst, Twix and Snickers. I figured there would be a good variety in there, and I'd give out the 3 Musketeers first since they are my least favorite! (Ha!). Imagine my disappointment when I opened that bag and discovered 23 3 Musketeers. And only 15 total of the other varieties. That's only 38 pieces in my 40 count bag! And way heavy on the ickier stuff! I was tricked on my treats!!!!!!!

Of course as I type this, I haven't had a single trick or treater.... I may be stuck with all those 3 Musketeers!


  1. I would be sending them a very nice email telling that while I love there candy I was disappointed that the stated amount wasn't there. You never know they might send a free coupon

  2. I'm with Judy. They need to honor their packaging. I think its definitely worth an e-mail.

  3. I did email them! We will see if they respond. As it turned out, I only had 2 trick or treaters, so I'm stuck with a bunch of 3 musketeers! Sigh.