Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't Judge, Just Love

 I'm home sick today. I've been feeling puny all week, and finally my body just said "sit your butt at home!". So here I am, sitting on the couch, watching the Today Show and perusing Facebook and reading blogs. One thing I might do today is a rework of my budget. My grocery budget just isn't cutting it anymore. I've kept it at the same level for several years, but honestly, grocery prices have risen SO much that I'm going to have make a bit more room there.

Anyway, the constant precarious position of my job for the last two years has definitely made me wonder more and more about what I would do, what I would be willing to do, what I'd HAVE to do if I found myself unemployed for a time. That's why I make sure I have "sleep at night money" in the bank, to get through a couple of months should I find myself in that position. Anyway, all that rambling is to introduce this link: Those People -- As the holidays grow near, maybe we ALL need to be reminded that sometimes we are closer than we care to admit that we could actually be THOSE PEOPLE. So, I will make every effort going forward to not judge, just love.... And maybe just maybe put a few extra cans in the food drive box at work.

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  1. I've never had to go to a food bank. I have volunteered at one and help serve brown bags of food to homeless people. I hear quite often remarks from folks about these same situations and I am always surprised at their lack of compassion. Let's be real, in today's economy it won't take much to become a statistic, to have to go to a food bank and accept help. I don't have much of an emergency fund but I sure am working on it.
    I tell ya though what really gets me.............we will be hearing all kind of wonderful stories of people helping people during this Christmas season but where is the help and support during the rest of the year? Where is the support, the kind words?
    Oh well I will get off of my soapbox.
    I liked reading your post