Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rambling Woman

I used to travel A LOT. Mostly for work, so I pretty much gave up much travel for fun because I got so sick of being on the road. I became basically a homebody. Of course that's pretty good on the bank balance. Since we've been on a two year hiatus from most travel, I'm not as sick of it as I was. And that is showing itself now.

Last weekend, I took a last minute trip down to Gulf Shores with some friends to attend the Shrimp Festival. Had an absolute blast! Shopped the booths, ate some fabulous food, walked on the beach, soaked up some sun. It was FANTASTIC. Coming back to the real world was lousy.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Memphis to help my niece get moved into her first "real world" apartment --- the one where she's supporting herself. It's a big milestone for any young person and I'm excited to be a part of it. And while we are there, we are attending a beer festival. So, combining work and some play. I just can't wait!

After that, I still have some travel on the horizon -- likely a trip down south for Thanksgiving. And hopefully a trip to Tampa either around Christmas or Spring Break --- gotta see that new niece of mine!!!!!

So, I'm busy crunching numbers and hoping against hope that I can figure out how to get where I'm going without breaking the bank. Wish me luck!

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