Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First Brrrrrr of the Year

We had a little cold snap come through the past couple of days. Woke up this morning to 48 degree temps outside and 68 in the house. A little bit of a jolt to the system for it to be that cool in the house, but not so bad that I was tempted to turn the heat on. Just put on my heavier robe and slippers and went on about my morning.

Last year, I had a goal (I think) of not turning the heat on until after October 31. If that was indeed the goal (I'll have to look back to be sure), I think I caved and flipped it on around October 20 or thereabouts. I'm hoping that will not be the case. I'm hoping for a no heat or ac October. I bet I won't get it, but I'm sure going to try!!!!!

But, this is Alabama, and going from heat to ac in one day is not unheard of! Wish me luck!


  1. We have had a few chilly mornings, but not enough to flip the switch yet.

  2. I think 2 weeks ago we had a 48 degree morning. Today it was closer to 56. Still not bad. I'm not bringing the fuzzy socks or hoodie-PJs just yet... Going from AC to heat in one day?! Yikes. And I thought MD was bipolar with the weather!

  3. I used to do the same thing. No heat until November 1st, but then I got old:)