Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Think I'm Finished!!!!!

Yesterday, I spent the entire day Christmas Shopping. And I think I'm finished. I started out, list in hand, budget in hand at 7:45 yesterday morning. The rest of the day became a blur of ringing cash registers, swiping debit cards, traffic frustrations and shopping bags. I was getting tired late in the afternoon and wanted to just go home! But I had a final stop to make and knew if I did that, I would not have to fight the crowds again, which would only get worse closer to the big day, so I persevered. And I finished.

I've got a mound of shopping bags that need to sort through and match up with my list. I'm pretty sure I didn't exceed budget on any of the gifts, but I need to double check. I also need to have the Princess try on a few things --- these aren't part of her Christmas, but really, when I find Ralph Lauren skinny jeans marked down to $15 in her size and she wears jeans almost every single day, its foolish to pass them up without at least giving them a try. They can go back to the store if they don't work.

Today will be spent sorting the gifts and labeling who gets what --- and cleaning the house. I have a busy week on tap so I need the house to be sparkly. I'm totally happy though that it looks like I can spend at least part of this Christmas season just enjoying it!

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