Monday, December 19, 2011

Murphy Arrived For A Pre-Christmas Visit

My weekend was humming along nicely, until Murphy decided to show up for a visit. Yesterday morning, I hopped in my car to head our for a quick errand. I put my seatbelt on, put the key in the ignition and "whirr, whirr, whirr, whirr", but it didn't turn over. Took the key out, put it back in and tried again. Crap. One more time. Same result. Ugh. Ironically, I had just been telling a friend of mine that I needed to take the car in this week for transmission service and fuel system cleaning. Perhaps I put that off too long?

Anyway, so I called my Dad and he came over and looked under the hood. There was some corrosion going on around the battery and the connector cables, so he cleaned those off well, then took the battery out and took it to AutoZone to have it tested. The battery was fine and dandy. He put it back in and we tried to crank it again. Same result. This means it needs to go into the shop. So we decided to go ahead and try and get it over there, even though they were closed. Thought it might be easier to get it up and going then instead of stressing over it on Monday morning. So, after several attempts to jump start, it finally cranked with a massive belch of exhaust and I drove it over to the shop.

My Dad will pick me up this morning and take me over to the shop to give them my key, as well as to discuss the potential problems. I SO did not need this right now --- of course do we ever REALLY need it?


  1. Ugh. At least you have a good mechanic who will tell it to you straight. Hope it isn't anything too major.

  2. Ahhh - no fun! Hope it's nothing serious.

  3. Well that sucks! :/ Before Christmas would be the worst time I think! Hope it's not too expensive to fix!

  4. How did it work out?

    BTW....I have an award....stop by my "house" and pick it up!