Saturday, December 3, 2011


I swear, this has seemed to be the longest week ever! In addition to STILL having the lingering cruds it has been drama drama drama filled. Drama is NOT my friend. A total week of upheaval that I haven't even fully processed yet. I'll write more about it later, once I fully have some sort of mental grasp of it all.

On the budget front, well, that's just gone to hell. I haven't done a decent grocery shopping in ages --- in fact I had to stop at the store yesterday and get a pack of TP at FULL PRICE-- ugh. However, down to roll in the house, 2 girls in the house --- well you do the math! That was a necessity! Lack of groceries, feeling like crap and other drama have also conspired me to be lazy in the kitchen and we've resorted to more takeout than I care to admit.

I'm feeling a smidge better today and I'm hoping to get the house in complete and total order, finish the decorating for Christmas AND get some grocery shopping done this weekend. Here's hoping.

Y'all have a fabulous Saturday!!!!


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Doesn't seem like the house can handle you for long when you're feeling poorly. Wish you a good grocery trip!

  2. I hope everything starts getting better!

  3. Here's hoping your Weekend went a bit better than last week. Sick at Christmas is the pitts....

  4. Hoping you get back on your feet & start feeling 100%!