Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Well, That Was a Close One!!!!!

Sunday morning, Murphy paid a visit in the form of a car that wouldn't start.....not the happiest thing a week before Christmas. Yesterday morning, my Dad picked me up to take me by the mechanic's place to drop off the keys and then take me on to work. We got there a little early before they opened and my mechanic walked out saying he was just about to call me since my car was sitting there. I explained to him what was going on, gave him the key, asked him also do the preventive maintenance while he was at it,  and went on to work.

Shortly before lunchtime, I got a phone call...... he'd retested the battery and it wasn't showing as well as it did when it was tested the day before. He felt they have a better machine in his shop for testing. Good news was that since I had gotten it there, it was still under partial warranty, so only $25 for the replacement. He also replaced a valve that should take care of that belching exhaust, $18 for that and he was waiving the labor because he felt his guys should have noticed the corrosion on the battery when they did my last oil change. He had a coupon for me for the fuel system cleaning, and were doing the transmission servicing. Total damage, with tax, was $166.88. Phew! I had budgeted $200 for the two maintenance services (mainly because I couldn't remember exactly what they quoted me before but knew it was over $150 but below $200 and gave some wiggle room!).

So, $33.12 under what I'd planned even with Murphy coming into the picture!!!!!! I am SO relieved.


  1. Glad it came under budget! The BF's car wouldn't start yesterday and after attempting to jump it for over an hour, it finally started.

  2. Wow, can I borrow that mechanic for, like, a lifetime? The ones around here are awful, and are always overlooking something... they go to the length of 2cm to fix their mistakes (if they dont call you a liar!), and that is saying a lot!

  3. We are lucky to have a good mechanic too. He is the father in law of a friend of mine and has been in business for years. I'm just getting worried now that he is getting past retirement age and he might close down some day!