Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Down, Many More To Go

So yesterday started Day 1 at my new postition. I got to work a smidge early, reported in to my new supervisor who said my trainer would be with me shortly, moved my stuff from my old desk to my new desk, and was all ready to start my new job. I booted up the new computer and logged on. And it wasn't set up properly. My email wasn't linked. The software system wasn't there, my access systems weren't there. My trainer came by and had some stuff come up so we went over a few things, including my computer that wasn't set up right. We notified IT and I waited. And waited. We finally got started a bit around 11 a.m., but until then I just sat there and checked facebook and played games on my iphone. I had nothing to do.

Once we did get started it was somewhat a blur of new systems, new acronyms, new processes. By the end of the day, my brain was mush. I can see that this new job isn't going to provided the "today is a new day with new adventures" variety that my previous job did. It is going to be harder to be motivated to do it without the adrenaline rush my old job did. But I'm thankful that our powers that be wanted to be certain they could me so found a place for me instead of pinkslipping me. Now I just have to find the motivation factors internally, because I don't think the job itself is going to be providing that kind of push. But its okay, I have a job, I have a paycheck and I have really good benefits. And for that I can find my own motivation!


  1. I hope you find your new job to be a bit more motivating the more you get used to it. Things should get more interesting as days go by. Good luck today!

  2. Give it a chance....by next week you will be in the full swing of it.....


    You won't give a rat's arse because Christmas will be a few days away!