Friday, March 2, 2012

Buckle Up, It's Going To Be A Bumpy Night

This has been the weirdest winter. Overall, the temperatures have been super mild. While that has been fabulous for my gas bill this winter, it doesn't bode well for the power bill come summer. With this mild winter comes out of the ordinary severe weather.

Quite honestly, after April 27th's devastating tornadoes last spring, and then another round of tornadoes in January, I'm not as excited about Spring as I normally am! And here we are, on March 2, looking at another possible round of very severe weather today.

It isn't even 6 in the morning yet, and I'm sitting on my screened porch typing this, and it is 70 degrees outside. A cold front is supposed to push through interacting with this heat and is expected to fire up possible super cell storms. The original thought was that they wouldn't start up until 6 or so this evening, but even that idea has been scrapped somewhat as they think if the cloud cover burns off this morning, they could fire up as early as midday.

We've had some potential for bad weather in recent weeks that hasn't really materialized, so I wonder if people are getting complacent again. All I have to do though is look at You Tube and find video of the April 27 tornadoes and there is no way I will be complacent ever again.

If you're in the Southeast, watch the weather today! Know your place of safety. Don't get caught unaware. I pray this will be nothing like what we've seen in the past year, but don't assume that will be the case. We can't prevent the loss of property like we saw on April 27, but we CAN try and prevent the loss of life! Stay safe today, my friends!

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  1. Pretty dangerous. I'm used to hurricanes, but tornados are just not my thing! Hope nothing happens. Stay safe.