Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recovery

I'm still in recovery mode from the weekend. The whole thing is a blur of rainbow colors, ringing casg register bells, hazy air and sunburn. Quite a combination, huh?

Let's start with Saturday.... because that is the day Princess Penelope and I went Prom Dress Shopping. We had a budget in mind and hit the road. We hit consignment boutiques, department stores and specialty shops. We tried, tried, tried to stay in budget but that did NOT happen. The Princess tried on dress after dress, after dress. We thought we had one that was pretty close to budget, but after a quick consultation on the cost of the alterations, the dress would have been double the price (all that dang detail work!), and I just didn't want to spend that on something we weren't sure was going to be stunning after the alterations. I promise, I think she tried on over 40 dresses throughout the course of the day.

Finally, at our last place, 2 hours into the try on process, we found THE DRESS. She tried on a couple more just to be sure, but it was THE ONE. No alterations needed. But the price tag -- yikes. After sales tax, it was $371. After a mild panic attack, I forked over the money trying not to hyperventilate. And sigh, we still have shoes, jewelery, purse, and proper foundation garments to get!

We had thought we'd do a girls lunch during the process, but since it was late in the afternoon and we still hadn't eaten, and the dress was so expensive, we skipped that part of our outing.

Sunday was a gorgeous day --- albeit HOT. 86 degrees in mid March. Ridiculous amounts of pollen in the air. So of course, I spent the day in the yard. Cutting grass, weeding flower beds. Forgetting to put sunscreen on (wore a tank top so my shoulders and back are a bit burnt).

After that, I cleaned house, finished up laundry and cooked dinner. I'm glad to go to work today. I need a break from my weekend!!!!

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