Monday, March 26, 2012

I Think She's Getting It

So today I was out at a local hotel for a work conference. The conference will last three days and its a nice break from the normal grind of the office. However, the sessions can sometimes get dull, especially when they run over!

Anyway, I'm sitting in one of the sessions and I get a text from the Princess. She needs a book for school. Tomorrow. Technically its not due in class until Thursday, but if she brings it in tomorrow, she gets bonus points. I'm all for bonus points! So, I say okay, we can get it tonight.

Then, she absolutely blows me away by reminding me there is a secondhand book store across from the hotel where I am, and would I mind stopping there on the way home to see if they have it before we go to a full price book store? I'm a little embarrassed that I forgot that secondhand store was there, but of COURSE I'm happy to stop. So, on my way home, I stop there, ask the guy at the desk if they've got the book, he tells me where to find it, I locate it, pay for it, and head home. The price at the secondhand store? $5 The publisher price? $14. SCORE!

Best of all? The Princess is thinking ahead. Bonus points AND a $9 savings on required reading? I think she's actually getting it.


  1. Don't ya just love it when they have those moments!

  2. Was meant to be!! :) Great find!!