Thursday, March 1, 2012

Freezer Cooking With A Fail

Freezer Cooking for me is the sanity saver that gets me through the work week. I can have a good portion of dinner already prepared when I get home from work. It means that I'm only getting out (and cleaning) certain dishes once instead of every time I fix a meal. This month I branched out a little and added some easy lunches to the repertoire for those days I don't have leftovers to eat for lunch. I also expanded my attempts to sneak extra veggies into meals by not only adding my normal zuchini and onions to the meat, but I did up some "Italian Meat" and added pureed tomatoes to the mix.

One of the lunches I tried out was basically a complete and utter "fail":

My attempt at homemade "Hot Pockets" did NOT go well, and they kind of exploded everywhere. Not being one to waste food, I still froze them up, and will eat them for lunch in the weeks to come, but obviously they didn't work out as well as I'd hoped and I will definitely need to tweak this one if I try it again.

In the end though I had lots of stuff to put in the freezer to help in the coming month:

4 Meals Ground Seasoned Ground Beef
4 Meals Italian Ground Beef
4 Meals Mexican Seasoned Ground Beef
8 Hot Pockets
5 Veggie Burritos
A Massive Amount of Chopped Veggies for that night's veggie tray (which I'm still eating the leftovers)
8 (not pictured) Peanut Butter, Honey and Banana "Uncrustable" Sandwiches -- these were a late afternoon brainstorm and turned out great!

Have you done any freezer cooking lately?


  1. You know what... those "hot pockets" actually look pretty darn good. I have two guesses of what happened:
    The dough was too thick, or too moist. You could cover the inside with a bit of flour dusting so the filling doesn't wet the dough much, put less filling next time (you literally only need a little bit) and punch some holes with a fork or something across the top (top and bottom if you're flipping them) for air to escape. I say all these things because they look a lot like pastelitos (spanish mini empanadas), and if you dont make holes on them for heat to escape, they do explode.

    I wish I could do freezer cooking, but I have no freezer space to use!

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! It never occurred to me to poke holes in them or to dust the inside with flour! I'll have to give it another shot!