Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making the Tough Choices

Last night, I had to make a choice. Every year, I attend a local benefit for Weimaraner Rescue. Its a fabulous event, for a great cause. The event tickets themselves are affordable --- $25 and that covers food and wine. I go to this event every single year with my sister and Brave Friend. We always have an absolute ball. I'd have to say, hands down, this is my favorite event of the year.

There is just one problem with the event ---- I have zero self control at it! They always have fabulous silent auction and live auction items. And I never walk out of there having spent less than $400. I've gotten some great deals on some great things over the past few years. Some incredible original artwork. Prints for a steal. Excellent prices for pup "stuff". A couple of years ago, my sister bought brunch for 12 at a wonderful local restaurant for $50 --- which she then used to give me a fabulous 40th birthday brunch with some of my closest friends.

So this year, like every other year, we planned to go. It was IN INK on the calendar. And then, something happened. A conflict came up for Sis. I had bought the tickets in advance, or so I thought, but they never arrived in the mail. A quick check of my account, and they'd never been debited. I called the number on the event, and they didn't have record of the purchase. So no advance purchase tickets --- buying the day of meant they were $10 more.

This year, I also owe on my taxes --- no anticipated refund to cover if I "get out of control". This year the Princess is going off to college and I don't have enough saved. So, I called Sis and told her she was off the hook. Then I called brave friend and we talked about it. She's had "self control" issues at the event before too! So, we decided not to go. Instead, we went to a local restaurant and spent less than we would have just on the tickets.

Sometimes, all the signs tell you not to do something you want to do. Sometimes, you just have to pay attention to those signs and make those tough choices.

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