Monday, March 5, 2012

Glad That's Over!

Today begins a fresh new week --- and I must say, I'm seriously glad last week is over! The week itself started of horribly. The Princess got the worst migraine she's ever had on Monday, which was incidentally, her first day back to to school after going to Disney World. Terrible timing, and the headache was worse than the timing. That resulted in new meds, missed work for me, and a flurry of makeup work because the end of the grading period was Friday.

On that same day, I received the bad news that I owe a ton of money in federal taxes. The loss of a couple of credits made that possible. Joy. Along the same line, filing the FAFSA, I realized that the Princess is not going to qualify for as much aid as I had hoped. Sigh.

To add to the woes, I met a friend out for dinner Tuesday night, which SO would not have happened if she wasn't a way out of town friend, and my bill was much higher than expected (yes, I read the menu wrong, totally my fault), and the food was not good (which was really surprising because I've enjoyed this particular restaurant many times in the past). I just despise paying more than expected for food that is just "meh".

And then we have Friday, due to an impending weather event (tornadoes and severe thunderstorms), the morning was busy, busy, busy and tense, tense, tense. I left work when the schools released the students. The whole day was tension filleld, but fortunately, it was basically a non-event in our area. (Other areas were sadly not so fortunate).

So now we are at Monday. A new week, and its just got to be better than last week! I'm counting on it!!!!


  1. Glad to hear that Princes Penelope is on the mend. And stinks to hear about the restaurant.

  2. Hope everything is better!