Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ever Had One of Those Days?

Ever had one of those days that you wish you'd never gotten out of bed?

When you knew when you were putting your makeup on and the eyeliner broke that it was NOT good foreshadowing for the day?

When you realized you'd left the 50 lb bag of dogfood in the car and the pups were not happy?

When you realized as you were making your lunch that you'd let Sunday night's leftovers go to waste?

When you realized you'd done a full hour of work -- completely wrong and had to redo it?

When you realized you'd trusted the wrong information and had to redo another full hour's worth of work?

When you wish you could take back almost each and every word that came out of your mouth because they weren't understood as intended?

When you realized those words changed things in your life in a way you never wanted?

That was my day today.

I can't wait for bedtime.

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