Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Diamond Dolls

This year Princess Penelope signed up to be a Diamond Doll. What is that, you may ask? Well basically it is a group of girls that volunteer to work the gate and concession stands for the school's baseball home games. Also, they each "adopt" two players, one Varsity and Junior Varsity to bring a basket of treats and such to on certaiIn dates throughout the season. Of course, it can't be simple and have the treats for Varsity and Junior Varsity on the same dates! Sigh.

So, this weekend, I found myself at the dollar store, picking out "cute" containers and stuff to put in them for baseball players I have never met. The Princess had looked at Target, but had kind of crashed and burned there. I found cute baseball "easter baskets" and blue buckets (the school colors are red and blue). I also picked up packs of Big League Chew, Airheads, Sunflower Seeds, Charms Blow Pops and Pop Rocks. All told, I walked out of there having spent $26! OUCH!!!!

Then we had to do the homemade treats too. I sent the Princess a text right before my Zumba class, reminding her to go ahead and make the brownies. She got busy working on some other stuff, and when I got home, no brownies. She finally started them around 8:30. Which meant they didn't have enough time to cool before she (or I) went to bed. So at 6:00 this morning, guess who was individually wrapping up the brownies?????

Next go round, we (she) will have to be more organized. Bagging up brownies before I've had a full cup of coffee does not make for an easy morning!!!!!

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  1. Good grief. Do these players have a swelled head over the Diamond Girls fawning all over them? I can understand decorating their locker or something. But this seems a little overkill.