Thursday, April 26, 2012

$172 Til Payday

I have $172 until my next payday --- which is a full week from today. All the bills are paid, automatic debits that happen on the first of the month have been factored in, my gas tank is full. I think the Princess's car is close to full. We do need produce and bread. BUT I think otherwise, we are okay.

I don't like living this close to the edge. March and April have been super expensive months. Easter, Prom and some early collegiate expenses have driven my budget over the edge. I'm going to get what we NEED at Aldi to get through, and double check that the Princess has enough gas in her car, but other than that --- I'm on a fiscal fast like Sharon at Musings of a Mid-Life Mom did this past week.

That means no eating out. No shopping for clothes. No spontaneous trips to the grocery store. No visits to my neighborhood Lowe's for plants or other garden stuff. I'm on a spending diet. I'm staying out of the stores and just hanging at work and home. That's it. Nothing else. I do NOT like being this close to the edge. Wish me luck!


  1. You can do it! It is really tough being that close to the edge.. that's how I am, though my paydate is tomorrow instead. You can totally pull it off! Good luck with the fiscal fast.

  2. Hey....$172 isn't too bad. I have been down to $20 before and payday a week away! You can do it.

  3. I think $172 is great for a week! :) You can do it!! Good luck!

  4. $172 is pretty decent so I am sure you can do it! I am doing one for the whole month of April. It's been interesting :-)